Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin

Just like Game Of Thrones promised us, Winter is coming! For many parts of the country, it’s already here. Winter is a magical time of year… if you like dry hands and chapped lips, that is. While a respite from the blazing summer sun and the ability to snuggle up on the couch or head to the ski slopes might be nice, it often comes at the cost of healthy skin.

Thankfully, though, you don’t have to sit back and take it while harsh wind dries out your face and copious hand washing to avoid getting sick at the office causes your hands to become flaky and itchy. There are ways to combat dull winter skin and we can help you! In today’s blog, RAAM Products is offering up some intel as to why the winter weather is so harsh on our skin and how our all-natural beauty products can keep your skin soft, supple, and healthy. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Is My Skin So Dry During The Winter?

There are a few reasons that you might notice your skin being particularly stubborn and dry during the winter. The biggest reason is lower humidity levels. Not only is it dryer outside than usual in most parts of the country, but the use of indoor heating wicks moisture from the air and, therefore, from your skin.

The second factor for drier skin during the winter is that we tend to not hydrate ourselves as well. On a hot summer’s day, chugging an entire water bottle feels like sweet relief from the heat. During the winter, though, we tend to feel less thirsty even when our bodies are craving water.

Finally, winter is a time of year when we love to soak in a hot bath or take a hot shower. While this feels amazing on our skin, it can also damage it and dry it out. Along those same lines, as we mentioned above, we tend to scrub our hands often during the winter as colds and illnesses spread around. This frequent washing also strips your hands of moisture.

Together, these three factors can leave our skin dull, crepey, and itching for lost moisture.

How To Protect Your Skin This Winter

While the brutal cold might dry and dull your skin, this doesn’t have to be a reality for you. There are a few steps you can take to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing year-round.

  • Winterize Your Skin Care Regimen: Your skin has different needs during the winter than it does during other seasons, so updating your beauty routine is a major step is ensuring your skin stays healthy throughout the year. RAAM Products offers a series of hydrating Bulgarian rose skin and body care products that are perfect for this. Our all-natural body products are gentle on the skin while providing you with intense hydration. We even offer an all-natural face cream with SPF which is perfect for the winter, even when you think you don’t have to worry about the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Cool It Down: Cool down your showers a little bit, especially when you are washing the sensitive skin on your face. Be sure you are using a gentle face wash that won’t completely strip all hydration from your face.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Hydrate your skin from both the inside and out. Ensure you are drinking plenty of water which will not only keep your skin hydrated, but can also help to flush out impurities from your body and help you fight off sickness a little better. Also be sure to follow up your face washing regimen with a natural face cream like any of our Bulgarian rose face creams.

Choose Natural Skin Care This Winter

When it comes to choosing the best natural beauty products, make sure you are choosing the ones that will benefit your skin type. Here at RAAM Products, we offer all-natural face creams for various purposes, from anti-acne to anti-aging to whitening and brightening. We also offer our Bulgarian rose products in a super hydrating body butter that will leave your skin velvety soft and provide much-needed moisture. Shop RAAM Products today for the all-natural beauty products your skin craves.