Double Clamp Travel Humidors for Sale

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Searching for premium-quality cigar travel humidors for sale? Look no further than RAAM Products. Our double-clamp Cigar Travel Humidor is the ultimate travel companion for any avid cigar smoker. These travel humidors are crush-proof, air-tight, and waterproof. Our portable humidors are ideal for camping, fishing, golfing, traveling, and so much more. Each humidor has been tested by RAAM Products’ Industry Standard Quality Control process to ensure superior strength and the ability to maintain proper humidity levels.

Each double-clamp travel humidor can hold up to 15 cigars, which allows you to bring your favorites along for the ride. Our travel humidors for sale are designed with an ultra-rugged, impact-resistant ABS plastic exterior so you can take your cigars virtually anywhere. To ensure your favorite stogies are secured and protected, these cigar humidifiers are water-resistant, virtually impossible to crush, and easily float. A soft foam lining maintains humidity and carefully cradles your cigars, keeping them air-tight, moist, and fresh. Each RAAM Cigar Travel Humidor features a convenient carrying handle to make transportation that much easier.