RAAM Double Jet Flame Lighter

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Have you been scouring the Internet for unique cigar lighters without any luck? You’ve landed in the right place! RAAM Products offers ultra-sleek and super-stylish double jet flame lighters. These lighters feature a stunning, blue flame that’s sure to capture everyone’s attention the next time you light up your favorite cigar. These unique cigar lighters don’t only draw the gaze of onlookers; the powerful double butane flame allows you to light your cigar without altering the taste. Unlike lighter fluid, candles, and paper matches, butane is an organic compound that doesn’t ruin your smoking experience because it doesn’t contain odors and chemicals. Shop RAAM Double Jet Flame Lighters and discover the power you need with the polished look you desire.

Please note: these lighters are shipped WITHOUT butane. RAAM Products is a company that strictly complies with DOT and USPS safety regulations.