RAAM Stainless Steel Double Blade Cigar Cutter

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Smoking a cigar is a process and an art that RAAM Products takes seriously. We know that the first part of enjoying a cigar takes place long before lighting a match: it begins with a smooth cut. That’s why, to give you the perfect cut, we’ve meticulously crafted our double-blade cigar cutter using industry standard quality control processes.

Our stainless steel double blade cigar cutters are specifically designed for durability, ease of use, and optimal sharpness. For maximum control, their secure grip fits snugly in your hand. Their small size allows you to store them virtually anywhere, including in any humidor’s accessory drawer. They’re also perfect for travel, which makes it easy for you to sit back and enjoy your favorite cigar virtually anywhere. Enjoy the perfect cut and savor your cigar with a double-blade stainless steel cigar cutter from RAAM.