RAAM Natural Face Whitening Cream with Bulgarian Rose

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RAAM Products offers a natural face whitening cream for the face and body. Tested by an FDA-approved lab and certified as a 100% natural product, our brightening cream is perfect for all skin types. With our whitening cream for the face and body, you’ll be able to set aside all those different products that separately counter stress, brighten the skin, aid in anti-aging repair, and minimize dark spots and freckles. Free up more time in the morning by using only one product: our Whitening Face Cream with Bulgarian Rose. 

Our natural face whitening cream is made with Vitamin C to nourish your skin and help reduce the effects of sun damage (including dryness and reduction in skin elasticity), stimulate collagen production, and moisturize to minimize signs of aging. Each bottle of our whitening cream for the face and body is free from parabens and steroids and isn’t tested on animals. Our Whitening Face Cream with Bulgarian Rose is manufactured in Bulgaria with an infusion of the delicate and rare Bulgarian Rose. This flower has a variety of remarkable effects on the skin and face, including the ability to: 

  1. Balance the skin’s natural pH balance, oil production, and moisture levels 
  2. Improve the skin’s metabolism and elasticity 
  3. Fight acne and other skin conditions 
  4. Act as a natural anti-aging and cell-rejuvenating agent 
  5. Smooth wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming 
  6. Soothe dry, irritated skin 
  7. Reduce discoloration caused by enlarged capillaries 
  8. Produce a sweet, delicate scent that calms the senses and creates a relaxing atmosphere 
  9. Act as a healing and uplifting natural skin care treatment 
  10. Eliminate bacteria 
  11. Set makeup  

How to Use: 

Apply our Whitening Face Cream with Bulgarian Rose to clean, dry skin every morning and evening. 

Hazards and Cautions: 

This product is designed for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with water. Keep out of reach of children.