Why Charcoal?

Drawing out toxins and contaminants from both internal organs as well as skin and hair, activated charcoal is proving itself to be a highly effective supplement for both external and internal health. Because of its highly absorptive nature, activated charcoal in skin care purifies and detoxifies, leaving skin cells looking vibrantly glowing with health and hair clean and free of damaging toxins.

From head to toe, charcoal face care products freshen, soothe, and heal naturally and without side effects. Taken internally, charcoal draws out toxins and helps the body dispose of them before they can clog and damage skin pores. Used externally as a natural exfoliant or charcoal cleansing mask, charcoal reduces surface oils and eliminates dirt and grime from deep within. Used as a routine part of any beauty regimen, activated charcoal skin care products help to reduce pore size, heal cuts, soothe rashes and bites, and treat acne.

For hair, charcoal provides a healthy, deep clean that detoxes without disrupting moisture levels. Free of toxins and residue, your hair will appear fuller, shinier and healthier. Clearing out the follicles and stripping the scalp of damaging contaminants, charcoal also relieves scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and cradle cap. Users report that adding charcoal to their regular shampoo has helped alleviate itching and redness associated with a variety of scalp conditions.

At RAAM Products, we have just one standard of quality: if the ingredient is unpronounceable, we simply don’t use it. Keeping our hair and skin care products natural has been our goal since the day we were founded. Never compromising our standards for our bottom line, or a higher price point, we’ve always remained focused on providing high-quality, all-natural skin and hair products that enhance, nourish and support what nature gave you. We invite you to browse our 100% natural beauty products and try out our activated charcoal face mask to discover the RAAM difference.